bentley continental gt

i spied this bentley continental gt on interstate 5 just north of fort lewis washington. one thing i have noticed with some of the ultra high-end cars such as rolls royce and bentley is that the new models with modern production methods just don’t look as special or exclusive as they used to. i think perhaps it is a combination of not being hand-built any longer and now designed on a computer. if a vehicle is going to cost over $200k then i want it be built and designed with large doses of analog old school craft. i think ferrari is the only ultra high-end manufacturer right now that is pulling it off. i saw a bentley sedan recently that could be mistaken for a hyundai…. truly pathetic.

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  1. Steve Lodefink Says:

    Yeah, that is sad. It looks like a giant Prius or something.

  2. george Says:

    I own and drive a 1951 Bentley and one year attended a rally in Washington State. As I pulled into the parking lot, I saw a brand new Bentley Continental GT so I parked next to it and got out of my car. Then I heard the gasps from people across the lot – “Oh gee, look at the Bentley!!” as they gathered to look at my car and ignore the new one. I felt bad for the new Bentley’s owner, he told me he had paid $225,000 for it just a few weeks ago and not only was it ignored in the presence of my well over 50 year old example, but the week before he had suffered the indignity of getting a parking ticket where the officer described his car as a Chrysler on the citation!

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