un-identified driven object

this car may not be in “who’s who” but it certainly qualifies for an entry in “what was that ?!?!” not sure really what else to say, i’m rendered speechless aside from mentioning it reminds me of a tex avery cartoon.

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4 Responses to “un-identified driven object”

  1. steve lodefink Says:

    It’s 1960 Eldamino.

  2. x Says:

    looks like either a converted ambulance, or hearse. It may also be a funeral flower car. They were cadillacs built like the chevy el-camino, to haul the flowers to a funeral.

  3. mr. savage Says:

    once in a while this guy drops his kid off at Max’s school. oh the hilarity for the soccer moms.

  4. Laurent J. Masson Says:

    I had a 64 Coupe de Ville, this could be one, but the lower tail lights have been modified. They’ve done a lot of work. If the driver is a metal crafter, he can use this car as an advertisement.

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