alfa romeo duetto spider


this alfa romeo duetto spider was spotted near forest grove, oregon and even though i was driving a lowly series 3 spider graduate, the duetto driver gave my a hearty and enthusiastic wave. you have to love alfa enthusiasts, as they are friendly, down to earth and sincere in their love of these relatively slow but fun to drive and charming italian cars.

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  1. boice Says:

    so wait a second. you spotted this car in the distance pulled out your phone loaded the camera application composed this shot and snapped it all before the car passed while waiving with the other driver? that’s quick on the draw. not to mention you were careful to get the corner of your red spider in the corner of the photo for proof!

  2. patrick Says:

    thanks for the query……. i actually already had the camera application up and running as i was snapping landscapes whilst scooting along. i saw this car coming and basically just stuck the Iphone up through the roof, stuck it towards the direction of the oncoming car and snapped, hoping for the best…. there was really no ‘composition’ of the shot, it was sheer luck. sometimes when i am trying to photograph an on-coming car and while i am moving as well there is some severe distortion of the image that turns out kind of cool, you can see there is a little bit of distortion here in this shot. i have some other examples of this brand of distortion that i will display in coming posts…… pretty cool looking. including the corner of my car in the frame was not intentional, in most shots you can see the edges of the car i am in if i wasn’t on foot.

  3. steve lodefink Says:

    I love the odd distortion of the wheels. It looks like a cartoon car screetching to a stop.

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