tatra t603

i suppose the odds of spotting a tatra on the road are about as rare as winning the lottery, though spot one indeed i did! sporting a rear-engine air cooled V8, The Model T603 was allocated only to senior members of the comuninst bloc political and industrial establishments. Small numbers of T603s were exported to most of the central European countries allied to Czechoslovakia at the time and to Cuba. Sales to private individuals were not normally possible, although a few T603s appear to have been privately owned in East Germany. During the car’s twenty year production run, 20,422 cars were built, mostly by hand. To the west of the Iron Curtain the car was unknown, though some were used by Czechoslovak embassies in western capitals.

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  1. tony Says:

    no way, what a score! …is the “portland” tag a typo?

  2. patrick Says:

    Pay close attention to the street signs in the second photo. Yes it was in Portland. Not sure where it came from. There was one for sale on bring a trailer last year located in Boston, maybe he bought that one.

  3. george Says:

    Hey – how cool to see the photos of my TATRA on Hwy 26 heading towards the town of Forest Grove where the car was displayed last July at the Concours d’Elegance on the campus of Pacific University but it’s being driven by my good friend Jay as I was behind him with my 1954 Bond MiniCar – too bad your camera didn’t capture the BOND as there are perhaps no more than 4 or 5 in America and mine is apparently the only one that is regularly driven!!

  4. patrick Says:

    thank you george…….. actually i spotted and shot the TATRA after the show was over….. it was cruising solo. nice car and thank you for coming forward !

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