volkswagen bus

i loves me a good volkswagen bus. i spied this one tootling down interstate 5 with a sticker in the window proclaiming “0-60 in 11 minutes”. it was piloted by a young lad who looked not a day past 19 and every bit a character. i remember my friend steve lodefink had a volkswagen bus in college…. t’was in sweet condition and i believe it was a ’76 in two-tone cream yellow and white. i also recall him telling a tale of how he fell asleep at the wheel and the bus flipped over on its side and skidded that way for 100 yards coming to a rest in jackpot nevada. luckily ‘old fink emerged with nary a scratch. magic bus.

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  1. Steve Lodefink Says:

    Ah, the bus….. mine was a 74. That bus had what seemed to be a stronger than normal motor. Great power for a bus. I had just put new tires on that thing before leaving on that ill-fated journey that left me in Jackpot.

  2. patrick Says:

    can you go into more detail exactly what happened, the physics of the crash and if it really did slide 100 yards on its side ?

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