1949 chevrolet deluxe fastback


spotted heading west on highway 26, this car has a lot of appeal, though “deluxe” is a corny american term commonly used to specify hamburgers and what-not. the design of this car is quite good….. the sleek proportions demonstrate a ‘form-follows-function’ sensibility. perhaps this vehicle was a last hurrah of ‘good design’ for american cars before the 1950′s begat superfluous fins and other gimmicks & gewgaws.

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  1. boice Says:

    my friend Denny and his Dad built a 327 chevy motor and put it in a 1950 ford.

    it was 60% hot rod. ahhhh. the summer in Indiana. this car has a similar style. but the fastback is beautiful.

    what nice photos that iPhone takes.

  2. patrick Says:

    thanks boice !

    yeah, i’m pretty impressed with the iPhone camera….. mind you these images have not been cropped, photo-shopped, color-corrected or otherwise manipulated in any manner, they are presented just as they were shot straight outta the camera.

    the thing i like about this 1949 deluxe fast-back is its not hot-rodded at all…. totally stock and retains that stream-line 40′s style.

  3. steve lodefink Says:

    Cool Shot!

  4. Bob Peterson Says:

    Thank you for this photo. I have been hunting one for a long time. My dad had a Mobil station in Manson, Iowa and always had a “beater” for us boys to drive as we all worked at the station (got a few bucks, a car to drive and free gas for our labor!). I was 16 or 17 (1959 or 1960) when the ’47 Chevy Fleetline that we were driving “got sick with a rod knocking” so Dad went to the Chevy dealer across the street and came back with a ’49 Deluxe Fastback 4-Door. My brother Denny and I put a lot of miles on it! Thanks again.

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