vintage mercedes 190SL


The 190SL was also referred to as the ‘Nitribitt-Mercedes’ after the scandal surrounding the murder of call girl Rosemarie Nitribitt. Nitribitt succeeded in getting male attention and acquired a stock of posh society clients. She became very wealthy rather quickly, which she demonstrated by buying a black Mercedes 190 SL with red leather upholstery in 1956 and drove it around Frankfurt to solicit customers. in November 1957 she was found dead in her apartment in Frankfurt, her body showing signs of strangulation and a head wound. She was interred at the Nordfriedhof Düsseldorf….. Her head, however, was kept as evidence in police custody and later exhibited in the Kriminal-Museum in Frankfurt; it was eventually buried in February, 2008.

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  1. H Says:


  2. morpheus Says:

    The image and story are perfect!
    Good job, P!

  3. patrick Says:

    thanks ! what kind of sicko’s would keep a severed (and murdered no less) head on display for 50 years before finally burying it ? those wacky germans ! they sure know how to build cars though ;)

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