mercedes-benz van in berlin

i spent a couple of days in berlin recently and spied this un-identified mercedes van. subsequent attempts to discover the model and year of production of this specimen proved fruitless. any sleuths are welcome to comment and enlighten us with any knowledge below. for some reason this van reminds me of the david bowie song Panic-In-Detroit: “looked a lot like che guevara, drove a diesel van, kept his gun in quiet seclusion, such a humble man. the only survivor of the national people’s gang”

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3 Responses to “mercedes-benz van in berlin”

  1. mykk Says:

    mercedes mb 100 1981-1995

  2. patrick Says:

    sweet ! thank you for the ID !

  3. Stephan735i Says:

    A facelifted 100D MY 1992-1995 it’s FWD and was made in Spain. Sold in Germany 1988-1995.

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