porsche 928 GT

i was cruising south-bound interstate 5 during the magic hour when what did i spy creeping through the mist but a very serviceable and nimble looking porsche 928 GT ? this car had a commanding presence and seemed very nice. i predict good 928 porsches in the next 10-15 years will appreciate quite a bit and command a more appreciative collector audience. now the only problem is finding a ‘good one’.

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  1. steve lodefink Says:

    The 928 was so far ahead of its time in the styling dept.

    I remember how exotic looking they were back in the day, with that clean, “invisible bumper” rear, which was totally unique at the time. Of course, its the norm now, so it’s easy to lose perspective of how forward-thinking this car was at the time.

  2. steve lodefink Says:

    …. but please, lose the chrome rims!

  3. patrick Says:

    good observation steve…. yes, i remember the early 928 was pretty mind-blowing when it first came out…. like some sort of space vehicle.

    and yes, i can’t stand it when people chrome their stock alloy wheels, looks ‘tarded.

  4. KC Car Guy Says:

    I totally agree. 928s are aging very well and look better now than when they were released.

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