1981 rajneesh rolls royce

(photo ©2003 Samvado Gunnar Kossatz) The Bhagwan bought his first Rolls Royce, a Corniche, in 1980 and had it plated with armor. After establishing his commune in Oregon, followers of the Bhagwan said their leader wanted a new Rolls Royce for each day of the year, and began ordering two a month from dealers. The commune even had its own service center, and a Rolls engineer periodically traveled there to trouble-shoot. Rajneesh would get into a Rolls each day and be driven slowly down the commune’s roads. On each side, disciples clad in red clothing would sing, chant and toss flowers on the hood. A number of the cars were painted “psychedelic colors” that seriously disturbed the aesthetic values of Rolls dealers and officials enough to put senior Rolls Royce executives in Britain into virtual cardiac arrest.

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  1. steve lodefink Says:

    Interesting story.

    Have you abandoned your iphone requirement?

  2. patrick Says:

    oh shit, i forgot about that part when i initiated this entry. the iphone requirement is still in place, though for this post i implemented the seldom used and oft-misunderstood “rashneeshpuram protocol.”

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