audi TT mk 1

the audi TT is a rare instance of a truly original ground breaking automotive design from an era of retro-this, retro-that PT cruiser and new beetle abominations. classic yet contemporary at the same time, the audi TT has a succinct and appealing germanic sensibility that is even more pronounced when painted silver. this example sports a great green/grey tone and has the smart sport package… truly a striking specimen!

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  1. Gerd E Says:

    As an owner of a silver first-generation TT ALMS, I thank you for your enlightened commentary about this vehicle! (Although I do think you’re being a little hard on the New Beetle…)

  2. patrick Says:

    thank you gerd ! yes, i agree perhaps the new beetle was a bit maligned…. though i guess i still feel disappointed that they didn’t bother to develop a truly unique rear engine car for the beetle and instead just used a golf engine and chassis to plop a beettle-ish body into. oh well.

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