series 4 alfa romeo spider

(photo courtesy of clive bullian) like the porsche 911, the alfa romeo spider had an extremely long production run relatively unchanged. produced from 1966 thru 1993, the final year of production of the spider was almost like buying a brand new true 1960′s true italian sports car…. er, strike that… you actually WERE buying a true 1960′s sports car, and how cool was that ?? by the time the series 4 was produced, alfa romeo decided that in order to update the exterior, ground flairs and plastic bumpers were they way to go…. but still a very pretty car. i only wish that like porsche, alfa romeo decided to continue refining and updating the spider instead of scrapping it and unleashing the abomination they replaced it with, which was to purists, a spider in name only.

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  1. Mel Says:

    Yeah, the older Spider was definitely better looking. You never know, maybe they’ll go back to it in principal if there was enough interest or demand.

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