peugeot 407 estate


fun fact: did you know that you can buy a brand new peugeot in mexico, but you cannot buy one in the good ol’ USofA ?? i don’t know about you but that seems awfully queer. do the french regard mexico as a more sophisticated market ? or are they just getting back at us for the whole “Freedom Fries” debacle? i also notice that canada is getting the silent treatment from peugeot as well, though french is an official language of canada….. why, you can’t even buy a bag of crisps up yonder without french on the wrapper. do the french hate hockey, cheese and the word ‘eh?’ so much they decided to deprive canadians the privilege of driving a peugeot ? what gives ? i want my peugeot’s, citroen’s, alfa romeo’s, lancia, fiat’s and all other manner of european car. it would be a welcome sight to get some hyundais, toyotas, kias and hondas off the roads in favor of some nice esoteric french and italian cars for a change.

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  1. pingback Says:

    Peugeot Citroen to buy Mitsubishi

  2. patrick Says:

    “As the US market comes more in to line in terms of product choice with the rest of the developed world, it will become increasingly important for European car makers to get a piece of the american pie. Ford is well placed to do this (as with the US Fiesta launch this week); Fiat is doing it with Chrysler; Renault has hooked up with Nissan, but so far Peugeot/Citroen have no route to the US market. A tie-up with Mitsubishi would give them a credible way in.”

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