aston martin db5 in paris


the aston martin db5 is the most famous aston martin car due to its use by James Bond in Goldfinger (1964). although ian fleming had placed Bond in a db mark III in the novel, the db5 was the company’s newest model when the film was being made. the car used in the film was the original db5 prototype, with another standard car used for stunts. two more modified cars were built for publicity tours after the film’s release. in january 2006, one of those cars was auctioned in arizona for $2,090,000. the same car was originally bought in 1970 for £5,000 from the owner, sir anthony bamford, by a tennessee museum owner. the other car is located in the netherlands in the louwman collection museum, and this car was mainly used for promoting the movie.

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  1. brian tourville Says:

    In 1964-65 we visited Auto Engineering in Lexington, Mass.
    On their display room floor was the James Bond Aston Martin.
    As a lad of 12, I banged my shin on the extended axle weapon
    thus prompting a ‘give the car a shake’ to check the suspension.

    Everything on the car rattled .. my Dad came over quickly to
    escort me to the 356 he was planning to buy:

    “.. Dad .. it’s a piece of Junk ..”

    “.. Brian .. it’s an Expensive piece of Junk .. ”


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