9:43am 10th street nw portland

you don’t see too many citroën’s in the usa… especially not too many like this in terms of amount of use, condition and running order.. kind of harkens a worn 1970′s chevrolet caprice or something, like something you see all the time on the streets, only this was a banana yellow citroën. a welcome omen perhaps !

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  1. alissa Says:

    hey! that’s me in my car… by the by named the most beautiful car of all time, this one currently undergoing full restoration from the inside out! thanks for immortalizing us. (but a caprice? please! :-))
    (article on citroën, not a virus)

  2. Laurent J. Masson Says:

    A Citroen DS in America, it has to be incredibly rare! I’m French, and even in my country they’re getting very rare. The color’s also is unusual. Searching my souvenirs, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a yellow DS. Most were white, black or brown. The one my father had was a very light green.

  3. Simon Says:

    My dad had one of these, we live in the uk, it was a grey and blue safari looks like a similar model his was a DS23
    The best car I have ever been in, nothing I’ve been in comes close to being as good.

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