3:23pm I-405 southbound in portland

The Ford Maverick was a compact car manufactured from April 1969-1977 in the United States, Canada, Mexico and from 1973-1979 in Brazil — employing a rear wheel drive platform dating to the original 1960 Falcon. Originally marketed as a 2-door sedan at an initial price of USD$1,995 the Maverick was designed to be inexpensive to manufacture and maintain. The name “maverick” was derived from the word for unbranded range animals, and the car’s nameplate was stylized to resemble a longhorned cow skull.

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4 Responses to “3:23pm I-405 southbound in portland”

  1. Matt Says:

    Wow, great snap.
    My aunt had an identical one in that same sickly butterscotch color.
    It was a basic transportation appliance. It had the base straight six motor, and the only option it had was an AM radio.

  2. kimberly Says:

    i love everything about this shot! including the fact that she appears to be on her cell phone?

  3. patrick Says:

    thanks! this is the elusive type of shot that inspired the cars i have seen blog idea from the get-go. the woman indeed is on her cell phone, and despite the inclination to believe that she is some sort of ghostly figure from the past that came with car, she actually was in her late 20′s it appeared. perhaps she inherited the car from her spinster aunt who bought it new and used it only on sundays to drive to the doughnut shop…… !

  4. KingCast Says:

    I have never seen a Maverick look so good. Amazing.


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